Thursday, April 3, 2008

My first blog ever.

Hi all,it's my very first blog and am really glad cos i have the freedom to express myself,been reading other blogs and have been so entertained but never really thought of one until these moment.
It all started with the curiosity to know about happenings back home in naija(am in iceland at the moment) and i did get informed,catching up with the entertainment industry and all the gist and ofcourse getting to read about myself! Well,not bad atall,it's all good,so am in for some tutoring too,never would have thot about this a few years ago you know,was barred from speaking or communicating in the name of stardom.Gosh.It really really feels good to be able to talk about things and be me.
O yes am pregnant. It's what everybody wants to know....but there's more really but that will be next time.
That's all for today and please be good,give out what you expect in return,cheers.


Bella Naija said...

Welcome Ara!
I am so excited that you have started a blog!
I hope will be blogging often,

Anonymous said...

hi Ara,
saw urcomment on my blog and i was like wow,is dis ara?welcome to blogging...iloooooooooove u!
hows d baby doing?emi see madam bellawas here beofre me.

i dnt wanna type much here cos i got too many internet stalkers/haters trailingmy every move.can do do email?pls drop ur email n fone numberon myblog,wud like to contact u.
why dont u also get on facebook?its great

temi said...


welcome to blogsville......
its good to know u're fooine and d baby is kicking...

Hope u'll update often..
we'll be waiting.........

shola pacheco said...

welcome to blogville ara,havent heard much of ur music but i know i have seen u play the talking drum,i hope am not mistaking u for someone else....nyways will check out ur myspace page to listen more

Lola said...

Hello Ara!!!
Lovely you could stop by my blog, I was like "is this the same ara, blogging???"'re indeed welcome to the blogworld. Like someone suggested, why not try facebook as well? it's a great tool for business and feedback.
Take Care of You (and the baby!!!)

littleangel4christ said...

Welcome Ara!
Couldn't believe when I saw your comment on Linda's blog. It's good to have you around. Would be looking forward to updates...YES!!!
(You do wonders with the talking drum)

Tayo said...

Welcome errr ... Home