Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi all,sorry have not been able to blog for sometime now.....yes it's a boy,i had him on sunday the 18th and i feel so blessed and honoured!
Cann't really do much right now,i have a new boss and i woke 27hrs!
My boss? My son.
See ya.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pasitor Ara!

Hi all,am sure you are wondering whatz up with me,am cool,just busy you know...and thanks Stella for checking me up,i dey kampe.So how you all doing good i hope,life is what you make of it you know,definately will be ups and downs doesn't mean the man upstairs hasn't got your back,so don't worry ,it shall be well.Pray.
I got so much on my mind i want to talk about ,our country,my music,my life in the past 7 years,issues of the heart,all the controvasial controversy,my personal relationship with God,my eperience with people,my perception of life ,my pregnancy,my childhood,.......too much.
Since this blog is all about you all,write in amd let me know which one i should pick first,fair ,right,right.
Guess what the pastor picked me to preach at the Tuesday prayer meeting,did someone say Pastor Ara..yeah am feeling it o,bring it on,it's a rare priviledge,i definately will record it and maybe,just maybe,you all get to view it,okay,okay.
By the way,should you know any promoter,agent,investor,who would like to work with us at ARA ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS,please refer them .E-mail
Okay,am cooking up new lyrics and tunes,i definately won't disapoint you all
See ya!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ese o!

Hello everybody,am sorry have not been able to write,been so tired and the jet lag wahala....well am better now and doing good and the baby is sure kicking fine.
Am in Miami now and am loving the weather and everything but i realised i have to slow down now,the backaches and can't believe my ankles are disappearing,na wa o!
Thank you all for your support and love,it's so hubby's doing well,calls every now and then ....
Good people,have to run now....stella you sure sound like a fun you all fans,cann't wait to have my bundle of joy an be back on stage...especially the studio for my album,people don talk tire,no probs am dropping it sooner than you expect.
Got to go.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Trip to Boston.

You all are doing good i hope,my special thanks to the beautiful people's comment on my blog,ese mo dupe,am thankful.Wao! I have been on the road since yesterday and my trip was really in Boston now,taking another flight in a few hours to Miami and i still have L A to cover,my baby feeling it.....,had a nice nite here,the weather is so cold i guess because it rained.but definately not as cold as Iceland.
I miss my husband so much,am so spoilt,was crying at the airport,we are so in need to hear him dishing out instructions,"eat don't starve my baby,don't walk too much.don't lift anything heavy ........' ololufe mi,he's just...i don't know sha,yeah we talked back and forth after i got here and i feel better after hearing his voice.
Well lovely people i have to move now,don't want to be late for my flight.Be good.Later!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thank you

Bella-Thanks for being the first on my blog,thanks for showing love.....

Stella-Thanks for being second on my blog and i would definately get in touch with you,my number will be out of use from tomorrow cos am travelling to the states,will send you a number as soon as i get one,aight?

Temi-Thanks for being the third and for showing love

Nikkisab-Thanks too and hope i answered your question.

You can all listen to samples of my songs( at actually this are old and by the time the CD is out ,i bet you wont recognise them,they will be a lot me and better,these were recorded last year in the middle of my management crises,but now am more me,i've found my voice and freedom to be me!....hit me with your opinion still,would really appreciate it.)
Love you all!

Questions for me?Am ready.

I just want you all to know that this is a forum for me to get to better myself as an artist,so that means i can take all your questions ,opinion and advice.
My fans will get to know more about me on a personal note right here,it's all about you!
Yes the baby is kicking and we are doing fine,thanks for asking.Cheers!

My first blog ever.

Hi all,it's my very first blog and am really glad cos i have the freedom to express myself,been reading other blogs and have been so entertained but never really thought of one until these moment.
It all started with the curiosity to know about happenings back home in naija(am in iceland at the moment) and i did get informed,catching up with the entertainment industry and all the gist and ofcourse getting to read about myself! Well,not bad atall,it's all good,so am in for some tutoring too,never would have thot about this a few years ago you know,was barred from speaking or communicating in the name of stardom.Gosh.It really really feels good to be able to talk about things and be me.
O yes am pregnant. It's what everybody wants to know....but there's more really but that will be next time.
That's all for today and please be good,give out what you expect in return,cheers.